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About Vickie:

Using her experience as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Vickie is quickly and effectively able to help clients remove roadblocks impeding them from success in both their daily and overall life satisfaction. As a coach, Vickie will collaboratively work with her clients in setting and reaching their goals. She will teach people to keep themselves accountable to their wellness goals; whether goals are career, relational,financial, or personal, Vickie helps her clients de-clutter their mind and clarify steps that will produce positive results. Her analytical mind, coupled with the ability to find creative solutions to everyday challenges, ensures that clients feel excited and motivated to change, to shift to a life full of joy and passion. Vickie is devoted to providing a quality coaching profession, as she gives her full attention to each person and believes in maintaining the highest integrity in each and every interaction. Clients appreciate her kind and determined nature, knowing she is authentic as she guides them to reaching their goals.

Vickie Gonzalez, LMFT



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